You come across cases of theft of money in your class and find it sad that some students pick money from their classmates bags and boxes. Discuss with your partner .1 what other problems do you think this could cause .2 what should your reaction be.3 how should other students react to something like this.4 what could tell your parents about this. 5 how would you help your friend whose money has been stolen 6. Why do you think your friend keep quite .7 how will you change the response of the others two such children. 8 who else do you think can help you solve this problem



Such questions are made for enhancing your creative writing skills and so, you should attempt them on your own. However, here are a few points that will help you frame your answer.

- Deciding to write a letter to the principal of the school regarding the same.
- Asking the principal to install CCTV cameras in the corridors and classrooms.
- Consoling  your friend and ask him/her how you can help.
- Cheer up your friend with some light humor or a chocolate.
- Talk to your class teacher about the same and request her to take the required action.
- Suggest your class monitor to keep an eye on the students.

Hope this helps:)
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