Today at lunch, you put me in my chair
I looked around for my bottle
but couldn’t find it anywhere!

Mom, what do you have? What’s a bowl? What’s a spoon??!
I’m really not sure about this,
I think it’s way too soon!

Open my mouth?!?! Are you crazy? What for?
You’re gonna put that STUFF in it?
They actually sell that at the store?

But mom, it’s green and it smells kinda funny
I’m not too sure I want that
in MY tummy!

I guess I’ll try it but I bet it’s gross
Just a teeny tiny taste mom,
ok…here it goes!

Opening wide, oh gosh, here it comes
It’s definitely different,
feels kinda funny on my tongue..

Taste a little, spit out a bunch,
well maybe just one more bite,
Mom you make a pretty decent lunch!


hope it's help u
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