Your friend has not done as well as she expected to do in her exams. She is upset and now blames the teacher for her performance. Discuss with your partner what would you do. a. To help her get over her disappointment and to move forward. b. To help her think about ways to improve her grades in future, and not blame others.

i am from st.montfortschool i also got these question for ASL class9 if you get good answer please tell me


Person 1 : I think that failures are a part of one's life and without failure no one can ever become successful .

Person 2 : Yes , I agree to it .She should not worry about a failure and should learn something from it .

Person 1: She should know where she was wrong and rectify he mistake so that i could not happen in the future. 

Person 2 : She can also consult her teachers for help as teachers  always tell the right path .

Person 1: Remedial classes before and after classed can also be take to improve her performance .

Person 2: And at last she should learn from her failure and work hard .

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