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Hey there, you can use this exemplary speech, choose some of the points and base you speech on them. You don't need to use it exactly as it is, it should be your own effort, remember that please :) 

                   Travel and tourism - rapidly growing business

From the very beginning of human race, we always traveled from one part of the world to another. At the initial stage of the first civilizations, people were forced to travel by their nomadic way of life. Over the time, reasons for traveling changed exceedingly, since people didn't need to move from place to place in order to look for food. They found other reasons - looking for a job, adrenaline, entertainment or just the sheer pleasure of exploring the world and its timeless monuments. This was the reason for development of tourism - industry, creating opportunities for people to travel wherever they wish to go to.

According to recent data released by Indian government on the revenue generated by this category of business has multiplied several times from the last decade figures. With the evolution of new service class in India, more Indians like to travel in and out the India. Now a day apart from the pilgrimage, Indians are also going for pleasure trip. Last year total 65 million Indians visited different part of the India alone, where as total 5 million Indian went abroad for exotic places. The revenue generated by tourism is quite huge and gives employment to Lakhs of Indian directly and or indirectly. Previously Tourism is considered only as seasonal business, and were not taken seriously by people .Now it has get a status of an industry. Government of India is also reaping benefits by promoting tourism. Each and every state of India now has their own tourism department to help tourist and maintain tourist places in their jurisdiction. Moving with the wind many company has come up in the market for tourism. They are not only helpful for the tourist but also provide their own tourism package. Indian government also with the help of railways started many tourist special trains like Palace on wheels, Deccan Express, Royal Rajasthan on the wheels etc to help and generate the revenue from the booming tourism business. Opportunity in the business of this kind has not only bring new dimensions to the market but also open doors for different kind of tourism types viz Medical tourism, Village tourism, Tribal tourism, etc. This change in the market will not only give an opportunity to explore unorthodox places but also gives different kind of experience to tourist. Trains like palace on wheels and Deccan express are booked an year ago and giving huge profits to governments. The Profits generated by this category of business is unparallel to any other type. When a person went for travel he always spent a bit considering the objectivity of expense.

In India alone revenue generated by tourism has already crossed $ 10 billion mark and still it growing at decent pace. Some states in India like Rajasthan, Tamilnadu , Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh is well known for their tourist places around the world. Every year thousand of foreigners travel these places. When a person travel to other place, he/ she not only get pleasure but also bring culture and tradition of that place. If they satisfied, they will not only promote the quality and attitude of residents of that particular place but also buy something belong to that place,which will result into revenue and provide employment to local artisans . We have to behave friendly to tourists as in our culture we consider attithi devo bahya (guests are god).


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