I can't draw the poster but I can give you awareness about the kite flying

There have been many such incidents reported every year during the month of January. I think the children need to be made aware of the safety measures needed to be taken all times during flying the kites. They must be taught that life is above all other fun. The elders should encourage children to seep in the kite flying atmosphere but also should moderate their flying experience. As many a time the children move towards the edge of the building without seeing where they actually are going. The elders need to be aware of their children all the time and ensure that they are flying the kites in a safe area. The children must also be taught about the risks involved in kite chasing. They should be told not to pursue lost/free kites as many times thee kites get stuck on electric cables. The children get electrocuted as they are in pursuit of their kites. Such incidents can and should be avoided.

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