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    The person who inspired me most was my father.  He was good to bring fruits, sweets and namkeen for me when I was very young.  He was good to take me out on trips.  During the times we were together, he would tell me good incidents in his life.  He would tell me the good and bad, the difference. 

   When I fell down from Bicycle while learning, he comforted me and applied medical lotion and cotton on the wound.  He used to clarify doubts in Social Studies, Maths and English.

   He did give me energy and inspiration through words and being there for me, when I wanted.  So I did well in my academics and sports.  when I had to write a competitive exam, he traveled with me and gave an encouraging pat on my shoulder. I did well in that exam too.  He did give me the basic general knowledge about the world.  We used to work together at home for the needs of the house.  We used to shop vegetables too.  Sometimes we learn some things just by looking at our elders.  I learned to speak good english from my father.

   Many people respected my father.  So I felt the need and an urge to secure such good respect from relatives, friends and outsiders too.  He was a good man who inspired me to succeed in life.

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