1st friend ; hey ram why are you dumping the garbage here.
2nd friend; why can't i dump the garbage here.
1st           ; it is a clean place .you should not throw garbage here.if u throw it here with the smell of bad garbage people may fall sick.
2nd          ;oh thank u my friend i will not throw garbage anywhere on the roads.only in dust bins.

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little bigger the answer can be 
Minni- Hey Mickey whats up?
Mickey- Oh hi. I'm just hanging around.
Minni- You wanna eat a chicken grilled wrap with me in the Mcdonalds?
Mickey- Yeah!
                     ( after Mcdonalds)...
Minni- Oh that wrap was yum!
Mickey- I bought a happy meal.
Minni- Okay you eat your food while I play plants v/s zombies.
Mickey ( throwing the napkin and the tetra pack here and there)
Minni- Hey Mickey! Why are you dumping the the wastes here and there?
Mickey- Oh there are garbage.
Minni- So what? Do you know that every day in the world, billions of people throw trash everywhere. Which means they are against the law.
Mickey- How?
Minni-Now we are in India and the prime minister of India, Nerendra Modi has declared Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (clean India mission).
Mickey- Okay from today I will not throw any trash, not let anyone throw trash and if I see a trash unattended, I will pick and throw it in the dustbin Even we are in our club house. Now its getting late. we must go to our home.
Minni- yeah you are correct but first put the trash in the dustbin.
                   (Mickey throws the trash in the dustbin and walks away)
                                             The end

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