Elderly people are gods for coming children in world for the first.elder are your own,relative,parents sometimes your willing friends  and close once and soon.
people who show the way to unknow person who gets the person  on a right track and make a right suggestions to known and unknow person and help them to come in the life are all know as elderly person in short elder people are those who shows the right are wrong way to poor fellows . '''we all know life is a flow of water were the flow ever stops and stoppage comes and ocurres again and again and it ever stops to flow in the same way ''' we are all like a water flow and  in between stoppages comes and elder are those who give  us a way to over come the stoppage . if no elders than no one will be there to say whether the work which you are doing is right or wrong.'''no elders no future'''
means elder are the foundation of our life and no foundation the life cannot be stable...........

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