You found a book from the school library lying on one of the tables of your classroom at the end of the day. you gave it to the class monitor to hand it over to the class teacher . however,he has misplaced it and is unable to return it. discuss with your partner. what you and the monitor will need to do ?how you will resolve the situation? for asl



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we could explain this to the librarian ,without blaming the leader.
then we could form groups and try to find the book.if not found, the students together could  buy another one.
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For ASL, u have to discuss it with your partner.
So, u could first search for it along with your friends around the school premises.If its unsuccessful, you could write up a notice and pin it on the students' notice board for LOST BOOK.Even if that's unsuccessful, you could ask the librarian for a solution or otherwise you have no option other than to buy a new one.
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U have to make it in the form of dialogues for ASL !? Your teacher would certainly ask for an alternative solution so be prepared for it.