Forests are important as they are renewable resources that affect our environment in a variety of ways. They control climate, soil erosion and pollution. Forests support a variety of industries, helping provide livelihood for many communities. According to the Environment Atlas of India, June 2001, The actual forest cover in India was only 20.55%. 
Forests enhance the quality of environment.
They modify local climate.
They control soil erosion.
They regulate stream flow.
They support a variety of industries.
What we can do is:
#Create awareness among people about environmental issues and conservation of wildlife and trees.
#Check rapid growth and check population explosion by adopting family planning methods.
#Adopt effecient and Eco-friendly technology.
#Minimising use of pollution causing substances. Waste material should be treated before dumping into ground or releasing to river or ocean, eg., use CNG instead of Coal.

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