Children constitute the nation’s valuable human resources. The future well being of the nation depends on how its children grow and develop. The great poet Milton said “Child Shows the man as morning shows the day”. So it is the duty of the society to look after every child with a view to assuring full development of its personality. Children are the future custodians and torch bearers of the Society: they are the messengers of our knowledge, cultural heritage, ideologies and philosophies. Children are really future components in the form of great teachers, scientists, judges, rulers, doctors, planners, engineers, politicians on whom the entire society founded (rests). Unfortunately millions of children are deprived of their childhood and right to education and there by they are subjected to exploitation and abuse. Unfortunately, the children in India are subjected to various forms of abuse. National Study on Child Abuse recorded its findings very exhaustively on various forms of abuse of children. They are child labour, physical abuse, emotional abuse, substantial abuse, Girl child neglect, sexual abuse etc.3 Socio-economic conditions prevailing in the society are strongly responsible for the abuse of child in different forms. High literacy and low literacy rate, equally contribute to the problem of child abuse. Among the various forms of abuse of children it would be more pertinent and relevant to focus on child labour.  “Child Labour” is not a phenomenon or feature peculiar to India. 
Stop the child labour . We have to not play with their future