In this story,there was a poor woman who was very greedy and selfish for money and wealth .her husband is a wood cutter who goes to the forest for cutting trees .he once found a shell which lookes very fascinating and he took that shell and went home ,he showed the shell to his wife.that night after his wife slept he was observing that shiny thing over the midnight .suddenly a smoke came out which was looking type of a ghost. he got frightened and moved back .the ghost started talking suprisingly. it told that he made it happy by taking it out of the shell so it would fulfill his wishes.but the farmer was not selfish or greedy so he did not know what to ask for.the next day he asked her wife for what to ask.she told him to ask for a bag of gold.he went and asked the same thing to the ghost.the ghost fulfilled his wish.the 2nd day,she asked for a servant for free of cost and the same thing continued.the 3rd day she asked for  jewellery made up of continued for a period of days .one last day came like the ghost was tired of fullfilling the needs and the last time they asked a big house.then the man went home and saw that the house's condition had become the same as befor
moral:be happy with what u have (or) love for money is the route of evil.
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