Your friend is good at english, history and geography.however his parents feels he should continue pursue science and become a doctor even though he is not very good at science.discuss with your partner:1) what your friend can do to convince his parents? 2) what carrier options he couldpursue?



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‌He should make his parents understand about his interests. He should make them understand that career with no interest is equal to suicide. ‌He should give various examples about the persons who have achieved great success in English, history or geography field. ‌ He should make them aware about the various careers in English history or geography. ‌After opting for English history and geography, he can become poet or writer. He can complete his graduation by pursuing BA with history and English, then he can apply for IAS or can become professor. Good Luck! :)
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I would advice my friend to take the matter to their parents and tell him about the difficulty faced by him to science and to say that he was not interested to become a doctor.he can pursue to become a English teacher or social teacher or geographer.
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