Water is vital to life. No animal or plant life can exist without it. The land will not yield without supply of adequate water. Yet the same water causes havoc and becomes a terror in the form of floods when the rivers overflow their banks due to excessive rains in their catchment areas. In India almost every year floods are common in one part of the country or the other. During rainy season our rivers are swollen and cause disastrous floods which cause heavy destruction to life and property.The swollen rivers inundate fields, destroys crops, house, villages etc. causing loss of human life, cattle population and destruction of property. The water washes away everything that comes in its way. The rivers often change their course submerging large areas of land user water.Floods cause extensive damage. Apart from destroying crops, cattle, houses and all other things coming in its way, floods take away with it the upper fertile crust of land. Many villages are submerged by the flood waters and low lying areas turn into huge lakes. The marooned people have to be evacuated to higher and safer places. Those who cannot be transported, have to be supplied with food etc. through air dropping.Northern and North Eastern parts of country suffer most due to recurrent floods.