Tharuni-- hi nandita how are you..?
nandita--hi tharuni i am pretty good and what about you 
tharuni--i am also fine 
nandita--what are u thinking tharuni
tharuni-- nandita c there posters and handbills are stuck on public property. it looks horrible. does it look good posters stuck on beautiful walls? it is not quite issue.
nandita--it is not even that nice, having posters and handbills stuck on public property. it look terribly horrible and also spoils the beauty of the place. it destroys the grace of the place.
tharuni--s nandita if posters and handbills are stuck on public properties the whole country's grace and beauty will be destroyed. as a result the number of tourists will decrease nearly 80%.
nandita--but tharuni there are also some advantages of pasting those posters and handbills in walls.
tharuni--what r those advantages nandita...?
nandita--it is quick and effective method of spreading news,extending an invitation , informing people about my upcoming contests,and creating awareness among people.
tharuni--and my mom told they attract people in the side of political parties. during elections posters requesting for votes for  particular political leader.
nandita-- but how to solve this problem tharuni..?
tharuni--the only way to solve this problem is government should take every necessary step and action to protect the public property. but ofcourse with the help of common people.
nandita--and also we should create awareness among people about this problem.
tharuni--ok, buy nandita c u later..
nandita --bye tharuni..

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