" Monday morning "                                             
                                              Monday morning is like every time ever green boring. every one don't like Monday morning because the pervious days Saturday and Sunday they were enjoying like any thing and suddenly their would be a change in their schedule and they have to attend their school and colleges if they are students and if they work in the office they will have to go to office and work. the Monday morning would really a hectic one for everyone. 
                                  But I love Monday the most because on Monday we will be meeting our friends and mates after two day. the Monday morning would be mostly laziest and the sleepiest. the Monday morning would be bit muzzy ( confused ). we forget all the thing most probably on the Monday like the submission of some books or files. the Monday morning would be boring also because of many reasons. the Monday morning wouldn't be like by the young people and even by the small kids because they need to attend schools or universities.  
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'Monday morning' when asked to anyone, is the most unhappy thing to hear. After spending a great weekend no one wants a monday morning. it is the most longest day of the week!!! everyone has to do the same hardwork on monday which is the main reason why no one likes  monday. we are human beings and want relaxation. but for many people monday morning is very interesting and they eagerly wait for it. you just think, once again you can go to your workplace, meet your friends or colleagues, share your feelings and can have fun.
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