Dear diary,
after this wonderful vacation going to school seems boring. but o the other side i can again meet my friends after a long time. maybe some of them would have grown slightly. i can even meet ram and shyam my best friends. we can continue with our pranks. i still remember the last day before vacation we all had tears in our eyes. but time passed so quickly it feels like yesterday. i can't wait for tomorrow. oops mom is coming, i will now go bye
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Dear diary,
This vacation was really awesome! I did a lot of fun, traveled new places,  watched too much movies and the most important thing- I played and played and played. But now all the fun is going to die as my school is going to re-open. Once again I've to wake up early, to lots and lots of homework and listen to the boring lectures of teachers. But going to school is not so bad. I get to learn new things, I experience new things and do a lot of fun with my friends. I am excited to know what by friends did in this vacation.
          Also, this time I will try to be a good student. I will try to score high marks in exams and be punctual and disciplined.
Now I'm eagerly waiting for the the school to re-open and surprise everyone with the great change in me.   
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