You come to know taht one of your friend has become a victim of cyber crime but is too scared to tell anyone . she/he has lost confidence and is losing at studies also. discuss with your partner.
1. how would you help your friend?
2. why do you think your friend keep quite?
3.what can u say to help your friend change his/her attitude?
4.what do you think could be the reaction of others?
5. how will you change the response of the elders?
6.what could some of the other problems be?
7. what advice would you give the others?
8. what could some other problems related to this be?
9. how would you create general awareness about such matters?
10. who do you think could help you to create and spread awareness about such matters.?



1)i would help my friend by asking her to share her problems with her parents because even though parents shout at us in the end they are the one who solve the problem
2) she might have kept quite because she is too scared to face the consequences after  telling her parents
3) i can tell her not to add any strangers nd to keep her account on privacy settings

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