You accidently dropped your mother's mobile phone and it has stopped working. write a diary entry describing your feelings about the development in your diary entry you should say 1 how the mobile fell from your hands and what damage it suffered 2. when and how you broke the news to your mother and how she reacted 3. what your feelings are about the incident



Dear diary, 
really it's a hard time in here; in my room for more than five hours, without tv, without computer, without anything!
what happened actually is that today in the morning around 10 am i was playing games on my mother's smartphone. i was playing and walking her and there. my mother scolded me for it many times but i didn't listen her. then while going upstairs my leg slipped and the mobile dropped off. at that very moment i could see my mother shouting on me, i could see her bombarding on me like anything. i tried to solve the problem but the screen is totally damaged and now it is sense-less. when my mother knew it she did what was expected. now i am here for a week without tv and computer and i am not allowed to go out to play. really, i had to pay a lot for this. now i will never touch anyone's mobile.  
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