Art cannot be taught, it comes from thinking. But it can be improved by practice. Art and crafts are the creation which u do with ur hands. Art and craft are excellent hobbies. We can express our creativity and enjoy the pleasure of expressing our inner thoughts and feelings. Both children and adults enjoy arts and crafts. Children in schools may learn skills such as woodworking, wood carving, sewing, or making things with all sorts of materials. Many community centres and schools have evening or day classes and workshops where one can learn arts and craft skills.
Art and craft are just not the things we made by our hands, admiring nature, appreciating something, even singing and dancing are also considered as art.
Since ancient times, art and craft had played a major role in our country. Earlier clothes were sewed from hands and the designs were made by hands. when britishers ruled india these clothes were exported to foreign countries and were veryfamous at that time. This was considered a great art in ancient time.
But nowadays people do not like to opt art as their career. They consider government jobs more realevant. If anyone like to do arts it is not necessary for him/her to it as a career but he/she should not leave and should practise it in his/her mean time. Many people opt art as their career and their paintings are sold for lakhs. Art gives us pleasure and happiness and those who love to do art should practise them in their mean time, this will help them to feel relaxed.