Incredible India
I love India, this incredible land that I live in. I love the values, the culture and the traditions that make India unique and vibrant; the countless festivals, the colour and the hot beating sun. Her people are special, steeped in traditions that are old as the mountains. Their wisdom is as deep as Aryabhatta, the man who gave the numerical value ‘zero’ to the world. This is the land of elephants, monkeys and peacocks - strength, cleverness and beauty all in one. India is a fascinating land, with her rivers and her mountains, the snow-capped peaks and her deserts signifying her nature as the land of peace and harmony. Though invaded many times over, plundered and polluted, she has managed to retain her culture and her uniqueness. I am proud to be an Indian. Her people speak many languages, each language, just as fluently as the other. Indians are varied in their religious beliefs, traditions and culture and yet they live in harmony.