Small or easy questions on health and fitness

*What is health and fitness in your opinion? *Why do you think we should be healthy and fit? *Suggest some methods through which we can lead a healthy life? *Do you think being fit improves our lives too? Why? Hope it helps. :-)


Health and fitness keeps our body and mind healthy and peaceful. It brings the feeling of well being physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. The criteria of health and fitness all over the world in expanding day by day. Men want to have a heavy muscle bound body whereas women a slim and trim look body. Everybody is being more conscious towards their health and wants to be fit throughout the life. It is quite tough task however not impossible for anybody to achieve a perfect body. Being healthy and fit require some tips to be followed daily with full dedication. There are many people in this huge crowd who want to be ideal person with perfect body. Health and fitness plays great role all through the life. It can be achieved by own or hiring a personal trainer.

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