You found a library lying on one of the tables of your classroom at the end of the day. You gave it to the class monitor to hand it over to the class teacher.however,he has misplaced it and is unable to return it. discuss with your partner.
a.What you and the monitor will need to do, and
b.How you will resolve the situation.
Follow-up questions:-
a.How would you.....?
b.How can you or your classmates help...?
c.What role do you think your friends could play in...?
d.What could you tell your teachers....?
e.What can you tell him to counter this view?
f.How easy/difficult do you think it would be for you to suggest...?why?
g.Do you think it is unfair?
h.What do you think can be done..?
i.How would you deal with the rules...?
j.What others steps could you both take?
Please anwer my questions i have tomorrow ASL



Here is a conversation

1: hey I need your help with what just happened. Will u help me out with it?
2: of course I will. I got to know about the matter from the monitor
1: what do u thinks we should do
2: firstly monitor and u should tell all the truth to your teacher and apologize for the mistake
1: we can find out where the monitor kept the book. If we can't find we will seek our friends to help. If we find out the book we will submit the book to the teacher with an excuse. We can all search in the school premises. It can however be in the school premises. 
2: If it’s unsuccessful, we could write up a notice and pin it on the students' notice board for LOST BOOK. we can assign badge holders to go all over the school and search for the book and also pass the message to peons and teachers. 
1:what if that’s unsuccessful?
2: if that's unsuccessful, we could ask the librarian for a solution or otherwise we have no option other than to buy a new one.

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