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If u want to understand the chapters shortly then u need to knowits main points.if u r in the habit of making notes u may make notes of important topic else u can learn the important topic i.e u can see them at glance.
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i got it it you were from cbse syllabus 11th grade right?
i think you know about cells right?
what happen
you know about cells?
growth is an important feature of living beings.Growth can be seen in some non-living things; like a cloud. But the growth in non-living things happens because of accumulation of matter from outside. On the other hand, the growth in a living being happens because of internal processes, i.e. cell division. Most of the plants show indeterminate growth, while the growth in animals is definite.
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You have to perform good in biology so have to read every chapter seriously and underline the main point it does'nt come i   one day you have to it daily.make notes and study it