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ne day I told my mother to buy some cellophane paper because our class teacher has wanted it. My mother said "We are going to your uncle's house I will buy it at the evening. I enjoyed myself at my uncle's house . But when we came back home my mother went out to buy the paper. I was alone in the house. It was thundering and raining heavily. I was very scared. I was sitting in front at the window when suddenly the light went off. I was scared "absolute trouble" I said to myself. I was sweating because the fan went off . Suddenly something touched me. It came with the wind. When I scarily looked behind I heard sounds in the attic. I was scared out of my wits. Then I saw a note on the window sill. "I am in the attic, as I have come early. Dad." Now I laughed at myself. When the lights came and my mother too some time later I was glad. I knew that the "Rhomb Rhomb" sound was the hammering sound that my father made in the attic.