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The freedom of speech is the fundamental right of every citizen of the free country. Not only citizen of India enjoys the right but Press and Media also share the same. Press is the most important organ of a democratic set up and without the free movement of the press, democracy is not worth. A press or news-media enjoys greater freedom in a democratic country. Freedom of the press refers to the freedom of communication and expression without being biased to government, religion or cast.
Main job of the press is to offers us a lot of news about the day-to-day happenings in and around the country. Thus it keeps us always alive to the goings on of the globe. The newspapers publish all these news political, social and religious. It must have the right to publish, these without any fear from any external authority. A free press is the voice of the people in democratic set up. Press plays an important role in bringing forward the real picture of the society to the common people. They raise voices against any anti-social practices such as dowry system, child-labour, etc. In this way, malpractices prevailing in the society are checked and stopped. It also makes the Government, aware of the lapses or shortcomings of its aims and achievements. So a free press is the must for proper functioning of a democratic country.Freedom is essential for political liberty and proper functioning of democracy. The press or media acts as a watchdog of democracy so let it free to play his role fearlessly.