dear friend, 
                    I am fine here and hope the same with you there..I am studying well and what about you? how are you enjoying this festive season of Diwali ..but one small request, order or whatever you think..
                          it's hard to say no to crackers because even I am a CRACKER LOVER ! That's why burn out a Flower pot and Bhoochakkar which is just enough for a celebration of light and let's do something different this Diwali.!!!. Say no to crackers, Save birds, Save people and yourself, you family from pollution and the threat in future that is Global Warming in extreme.. .HAPPY DIWALI —  
                          how about your parents? hope you enjoy this Diwali

                                                                                               yours lovingly,

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Dear friend Tasha ,
                                 Happy Diwali in advance! Hope this letter finds you happy and enjoying the leisure time after examinations. You know that the festival of Diwali is approaching fast. I like to inform you that this Diwali, Four of my friends and me have decided to make the people aware of the futility of using crackers on Diwali.I do not find any reason for wasting so much money on exploding crackers, which not only pollute the atmosphere but also causes outbreak of fire on many occasions. Many times, the fire caused by the crackers endangers human lives and destroys huge properties. On one side, people are wasting money in exploding crackers and on the other people do not have sufficient food to eat and clothes to cover their bodies. Therefore, we have decided to collect rupees fifty from every house and to distribute sweets and clothes to the poor. I think, in this way, we will be celebrating this festival more meaningfully. Tell me, what you think about our unique plan of celebrating Diwali in this way.Convey my regards to your parents.
Yours friend Payal Yadav
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