You observe that many of the students of your school leave lights and fans turned on in classrooms
while they go out for some activity periods. You feel this is a very bad practice which wastes the
country’s resource as well. Discuss with your partner:
• What problems do you think this could cause?
• What should your reaction be?
• How should other students react to something like this?
• What should the teachers and school authority do to solve this problem?
• Would your effort make the others realize something?
• How can you create awareness regarding such things?
• How would your parents consider the matter?
• What role can students like you play to check such actions?
• Who else do you think can help you solve this problem?
• What do you think could be an incentive to motivate students to turn off lights and fans?



2016-01-19T22:33:16+05:30 should understand and then explain other students to make this a rule.
2. Assign it as a duty to students one by one for a fixed period of time.
3.every one swear that you will always check the switches of class and then go outsides can do to make students realize this things.
you should understand the value of resources of our country.

and also we are studying from childhood that we should save energy. we will save energy for a better future of our country
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