THE DISADVANTAGES OF CHEMICAL ENERGYThe following are the disadvantages of chemical energy:Harmful to the environment 
Before the sources are converted into useful energy, combustion is required and this can produce harmful byproducts which can contribute to pollution.
Not good for the health of humans 
Pollution is never good for the health of humans and it can cause different diseases
The major disadvantages of chemical energy are pollution and its potential to give humans various kinds of health conditions. This is also the main reason why scientists and researchers are looking for alternative sources of energy that is less or not harmful to the environment. Global warming has intensified in the recent years because of extreme pollution in the different parts of the world, and through alternative energy sources, its effects can be lessened or even controlled.In everything you see in this world, there will always be advantages and disadvantages. Chemical energy is vital to modern living, but since it comes with potential disadvantages, it is always recommended that people conserve energy and think of other ways to help save the environment. Even in your own little way, you can contribute to energy conservation.
Disadvantages of chemicals :  ⇒ the use of plastics has an adverse effect on the environment. though plastics are useful, it is non biodegradable and is harmful ⇒ the excessive use of fertilizers can spoil the environment and improper usage can result in failure of crops in agriculture and is harmful for the micro organisms in the soil.