Hi riya its a good question
ans:yes if coal supplies get exhausted it will affect our lifestyle. as coal is used for generating electricity,steel production,cement manufacturing and as a liquid fuel.and all these processes will be stopped. :)
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From coal we are getting oil . So it is important.
This is very serious matter of exhausting of oil supply this exhausting will disturb our daily routine of kitchen or in vehicles. The world’s economies would collapse. We would not be able to get any food supplies and would starve to death unless you live on a farm and can raise your own food.  Lesser Oil means lesser functioning of machinery which in turn leads to lessening of comfort lifestyle of people. Many persons may become unemployed due to depletion of oil which is the major fuel products in factories.. Depletion of Fossil fuels like these oils, petroleum etc. will lead to extinction of many things which make human life comfortable. If that happens everybody have to depend on the alternate fuels like solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, and hydel energy. The life style will be changed completely. There will be no cooking gas, petrol n diesel for cars and even the flights will be flying with those alternate fuels.Transportation would be the main area that would be affected through a shortage in oil, and this is because this valuable commodity is refined in order to make the petrol we use to fuel our cars. Protecting the oil reserves, combined with using hydroelectric, solar and wind power to make energy, will help these changes in lifestyle, the foremost of which is education in the developed and developing world.

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