Scientific inventions and Modern day technologies have completely changed our lives and now we are totally dependent on the technologies. The vital role of Science is not overstated in views of today's world. The modern age is now the age of Science and the age of Technology. Day by day we are getting new gadgets and technologies just because of Science around us....

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Science is a category which consists of 4 subjects. These 4 subjects are mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology. In today's world, science and technology has reached a great height.
We have many modern gadgets which we use in our daily life. Some of them are : computer, laptop, television, washing machine, telephone, mobile phones, etc.

Because of such mordenisation,
i) The Indian army has become very advanced.
ii) Hospitals are now able to treat many diseases.

Scientists are still researching for more advancement in the field of science.

We are hoping that our life will become one advanced and easier to live in the future.

The major problem which has occurred due to the advancement of science and technology is the pollution.

We are also hoping that something will be done to face this problem and also some solutions for this will be discovered.
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