These points might help you elaborate. 
- we should be proud of our rich cultural heritage.
- it pains my heart to see people scribble their names and draw graffiti on the walls of monuments.
- there should a great  no. of guards to check such acts of vandalism.
- heavy fines and strict punishment should be meted out to people who dirty the monuments.
-we can`t afford to lose the rich culture and tradition associated with the study of historical monuments just bcoz some people lack civic sense.
- bt rules can be implemented only if people change their attitude and become responsible.
Well for creating awareness, in school, students must be taught about the importance on the monuments. They must be taught that what the importance monuments take place in the economy of the country. If the students will be aware then they will not allow anyone to scribble on the monuments. This is what can the students do.

By spreading the knowledge about the importance on monuments and their importance we can spread awareness.