If a pregnant lady has malaria or any other communicable disease, will it spread or pass on to her child. if a kid has aids will it pass on to his strong immune mom if he stays close to her or hugs or holds her for a very short period of time. and what is the virus or microbe which causes rabies

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It does not depend if it is communicable disease. it will surely affect the growing foetus as the protozoans causing malaria will fluctuate in her body and will affect her metabolic system which is required for the nutrition of foetus in her uterus as the embryo is connected to uterine wall with help of special tissue called placenta ,the embryo gets its nutrition with the help of placenta. the placenta helps to transferr the food and oxygen from mothers blood to the growing embryo because it contains villi and bloodspaces on the embryonic side and mothers side . this blood will contain malaria causing microbes which will affect the growing embryo or foetus.it is due to plasmodium falciparum which spreads through multiple fission andcan cause maternal anaemia and placental parasitimea leading to abnormal foetus.No the aids will not pass on to his mom . aids does not spread by physical contacts like hug , handshake , sports etc......
it spreads through blood contact( from infected syringe to a person), sexual contacts ( during sexual intercourse) and from a infected mother to her baby while breastfeeding. it does not depends if a person is immune or not, because HIV virus enters through sexual organs and their target organ are lymphatic nodes or the immune system . immune system will not recruit the immune cells to kill the disease causing microbes and the person will get the disease which will further change to a major one which can lead to fatal.And the rabies causing virus is Rhabdoviridae which are bulletshape . it contains three genera (gene) of different animal species which are Lyssavirus, Ephemerovirus, and Vesiculovirus. 

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