You visit a place of historical importance with your friends and came across people who scribble their names and messages on walls of the monument. Although you don't take it up with them but you are upset.
1)how to create awareness about this
2)what role student can play to improve this?



We should not do it because by doing this the real built things lose their importance and makes the monuments look dirty and reduces its beauty.
We should try and reduce this by spreading awareness among others.
students can play a very important role in improving this by spreading awareness among other people, making posters showing the effects of scribbling names on the walls of monuments, etc..

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whats the meaning 
ok, of bienvenue
it means welcome in french
1. Awareness can be created through posters and through arranging volunteers who look after this issue.
2. Today's students are tomorrow's citizens. They can play their part by making sure they don't scribble their names and by educating others to no do so as well.
Our history is our heritage. We need to protect it.
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