The word 'mystery' means something that baffles our understanding and cannot be explained. It comes from the Middle English word 'mysterie' which has its roots in the Latin 'mysterium' that also means mystery or a secret. The word 'mystery' has an effect on us which at once puts us on guard in the anticipation of something inexplicable but nevertheless vastly enjoyable like the mystery books, detective thrillers and crime fiction or even supernatural stories. The idea of mystery motivates us to pursue those things which we find mysterious, for instance, the sales of whodunnits are driven by that mad desire of readers to know who was the culprit who perpetrated those crimes. But mystery is not just to be found in the pages of a book, it is also there in the world around us and keeps getting diminished as we grow up and continue to learn more and more about it. As children, we have often wondered about simple things like where does the sun go after sunset, where does the moon hide in the morning, these were the simple mysteries that beset our minds. As we grow to become adults, other mysteries come to mind such as why do some people who seem to be good do evil deeds or why is the world not fair to us even though we strive as hard as is possible. Life can often be the most baffling mystery possible but that is what drives us to pursue living, to push our horizons, to answer those questions which seem to have no answer, life is about the attitude with which we live. To believe that there is always something to learn, to find out, to seek and to strive is what stops us from yielding to difficulties, that is the secret of life, the mystery which surrounds it and makes it possible for us to continue living
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