Every artist is an first amateur said Ralph Emarson.                                                                                                                           
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afternoon everyone present here. Today the topic of my speech is art and craft.It is an intresting topic that every art lover is enthusiastic about.Art and craft are the creations made with hands.  Artistic paintings are sold in exhibitions. India had also been having a rich tradition in art and craft . Arts are also put up in hotels or rich houses. We can also express our creativity and enjoy the pleasure of expressing our inner thoughts and feelings.Developing art skills is very good and is useful in life. Craftsmen and artists are god gifted persons. They make others happy and also earn a lot of money. All kids are good artists but they dont remain as an artist when they grow up. So, friends I reccomend you that if you are good in art remain as an artist till you grow up. Finnally I conclude my speech by telling a quote by Fransis
''Who works with his hands is a labour, who works with his hands and mind is a craftsman , who works with his  hands and heart is an artist.

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