Parapodia in earthworm is helpful in movement .
Cadual fins in fish is helpful in movement
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There movement is very interesting .
Earthworms are small worms which can move easily on hard surfaces.Earthworms move with help of tiny, stiff hair-like projections called bristles. Every body segment of the earthworm possesses setae which help in their movement. Setae get firm hold on the ground. Earthworms move forward by repeated contractions and relaxations of their muscles in the skin. A slimy substance secreted by the earthworm helps in its movement. fish move by
Body is supported by a skeleton made up of vertebrae which run continuously from head to tail.As they do not have any limbs, snakes do not have appendicular skeleton. Snakes move in a loop-like, zig-zag manner. They cannot move in a straight line. They have difficulty in moving on very smooth surfaces. Snakes have a long back bone and many interconnected muscles that help them to slither. They have muscles connecting the backbone, ribs and skin. Snakes move in grass, sand and water. Though the snakes do not have arms or legs, they can climb trees.mark as the brainliest

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