Hello! actually, the parents of him must be made to understand what happens if  he gonna become a doctor with no good science involved it !! of course today many doctors are without good science and are achieving their graduation through money ..that's a different kind of matter...they must be able to know what their son becomes a doctor with no good science..he becomes a reckless bad doctor because he doesn't know what to treat and how to treat and hence people gonna ban him or something unfortunate could happen and hence he should be given freedom to choose his own path ...
know what Abdul Kalam father said?? 
" your children are not your children ..they must be left like free birds and choose their own path in the vast sky"

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If it happens with my close friend or anyone i would definitely motivate my friend to go with his opinion and think to be mentally strong. no would not say that his/her parents are wrong, they are right at their thinking zone. but i would help in his science subject even though i am good in it. my suggestion would be that go with your thinking and pursue your dreams.motivate your parents that there are loads more career opportunities waiting there for you so go ahead!

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very +ve answer...CHANGE already begun Mehak..