I have been given an asl prompt that is You observed that many of the students of your school leave lights and fans turned on in classrooms while they go out for some activity periods. You feel this is a very bad practice which waste the country's resource as well.



The electricity getting wasted can be meaned by those only who are not able to relief under such facilities
Effects of these habits are : -
1. Wastage of electricity.
2. Leads to Shortage of electricity creating problems to people of urban areas and mostly to the people of rural areas.
3. Due to this, government is forced to start powercut.

Measures that should be taken to prevent this are : -
1. Teachers must be strict and responsible towards students.
2. Students must also be responsible to switch off the lights and fans.
3. Every student must look at the switch of lights and fans while moving out of class so that the wastage can be prevented.

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