(1) why did the name give geography?
(2) what is meaning of geography?
(3) why do we study about geography?
(4) In geography what do we learn?
(5) why geography is very important to study?
(6) why the earth is made up of geography?
(7) why the students study geography subject ?
(8) In world why people know about geography ?how?
(9) in world why people like geography ?what is the reason about that?
(10) what is the reason geography is important subject in world?

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Let me answer you in the same order of your questions....
1) geography comes from a greek word meaning earth descripition.....
2)well geography means the study of earth
3)we study about geography because it us our basic duty of  knowing the place where u live in.....so that the next time anyone asks u where u r from, you can answer using names that u have learnt in geography.......
Actually we learn it beacuse it is one of the subjets.
4) In it we learn physical, political,topographical,climatic, latitudinal,longitudinal,etc position of differet places on earth......and also various crops, minerals, railways, borders,  airlines, etc.....
5) it gives you an idea of earth
6) I didnot get what u wanted to ask me!!!!!!
7) same thing to know about earth and various things related to it
8)they about it because they study it....in school or basic knowledge
9)like any other subject people might have been vary interested to know about earth.......
let me tell u something, first it was the pirates ans sailors who went to sear h for gold and other gems ....in this process they maped out our world and many people who got
10) geography is really something special....it is the only subject that tell u the facts and whatever is already there....it's not like physics or chemistry which finds out  reasons .....so it really is an important subject...

hope i helped!

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