I was given the following task for asl........ You see a lot of handbills and posters sticking on public property like over bridges, traffic light posts and walls as elections are round the corner. This spoils the beauty of your city and looks unpleasant. With your partner discuss:
1.what problems do you think this could cause?
2 . what should your reaction be?
3.how should people react to something like this??
4.how do you solve this problem?
5.how will you explain this matter to your Friends??



Sticking posters and handbills on the walls prove only worse.it should be prohibited.the govt has to take every necessary steps and action to protect the public properties but of course with the aid of common people.  your reaction to this should be normal because it is not new for all of us that posters are sticking on walls .                           my asl prompt question is same .