that day I went to school I was told by the gate keeper that a holiday has been announced so I started moving towards my home which was 2 miles away from the school at it would take me more than 45 minutes to reach. I was walking along the road towards a side and that  too with long-long feet steps. my mom would be gone for the office and dad also I should stay with the granny now. when I was near to the football ground I have observed my friends playing their football. I'm good at football skills and every one loves seeing me playing football. so, I went their and I threw my bag to one corner of the ground and I went joined them in the game. I totally was forgot about my way to the home and my bag and while playing I went into deep thoughts that I forgot something then I remember that I need to go home and ran from their I was running all the way with no less time I was at home. I ate my lunch because it was lunch time and then I thought of reading some of my subject books and then the real trouble enters that was my small brother a mischievous guy of the whole colony. my bag was missing and my brother was troubling me and I was thinking where might my bag be I then remember my bag was there at the ground. so, I went to ground with out informing granny. their were few big young and bold youngsters there. I did not care then I brought my bag and then I was on the way to home these youngsters were following me I don't know for what but they were following. then suddenly they caught me tight and they kidnapped me.

hope my answer is useful............!!!!