To revive water bodies we should follow 3 steps
1-control depleting the water resources:--donot waste water resources for unnecessary things,follow optimum usage of water practicing in deserts,arid areas,and israel and singapore..follow practices like drip irrigation to minimise the water usage,,etc....
2-start improving the water resources and conserve them:--improve marshy lands,,mangroves,,forest lands,,they have good holding capacity so they will catch up and help the water to penetrate into ground,etcc,,
3-stop polluting water resources:--stop sending industrial wastage into rivers,ponds,lakes,etc..stop idol immersion into water bodies..desilting will also be done and wastage should be stopped,,solid waste management should be controlled and dumping in and around should be stopped,,etcc...

coming to administrative measures strict vigilance should be done by local bodies,,state and central govt.. 
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