Games can be anything ranging from ludo or chess to rugby or cricket however sports are the ones that are played in the fields particularly

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FACE IT! ur answer is absurd! 
ohh is it? or is that you are totally defeated lol .. anyway u answer it then
wrong English dude! n u say ur a topper in Eng! ironic! anyway since u insisted me sooooo much on answerin...ill nt let u down....sports are nt restricted to the field only!! der r also other sports like camping , trekking
River Rafting , mountaineering etc. So i hope that answered ur question Mr. Pvt. Quelch! hmm?
oops i forgot to edit the last no worries ill do dat now Madley a.k.a. Pvt. Quelch!...oh n if u dnt kno about him plz search on the internet! u c i dnt hav the tym nor the interest to mingle wid ur silly illogical fights...hope i made myslf clear ^_^.....P.S. no need to reply cuz i wont reply back! -_-