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Advantages of Wind energy are:
i) It is a renewable source of energy which means it will not be exhausted even after excessive use.
ii) It does not cause pollution of environment, as it produces no elements which is harmful for the environment.
iii) Asia has largest wind farm of 28MW (megawatt) capacity which is located in Lamba, Gujarat. This shows a large amount of energy can be generated from this method of generating energy.
iv) This energy is easily available as India has large areas having average wind speeds in excess of 20 km/hr are available in Tamil Nadu and the coastal places.
v) The modern day windmills are used to rotate the turbines of electric generators to generate electricity.
vi) It can be easily installed in coastal areas thus does not need more money for their installation. 
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The advantage are
1-you are using natural thing for energy
2-if there will be storm also it will become boon to us because it helps to generate electricity

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