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Hello everyone,

What I think all about corruption is: Its like a virus to the computer system{country's system}which damages the whole working mechanism. Rich and poor gaps, greed and grabbing an the most important one that is the immoral, illegal and the unethical way of thinking actions. 

In simple terms it is the abuse of power or position for personal gains. It is commonly described as the neglect of good habits and values. Friends to prevent corruption being as first in your life, we the youth should act like a 'vanarsena' and attack with full force the authorities which play the major culprit feeding this malady. 

Positive reforms should be brought out, so that we not only dream but also work together actively hand in hand towards developing a nation that is free from the evil called 'CORRUPTION'.

Once we start putting our country before ourselves, our country will be the only country in the world to be corruption free. By taking few steps as follows:

1. Every one should stop giving bribe first.

2. Government should take certain steps like to prevent corruptions in their particular departments.

3. People should not hesitate to file complaint if they experience any such incidents in their life.

These are usual steps that we can generally look into. On the other side since nothing is working in a huge country like ours we can switch to the following system.

1. Every individual should have a single mandatory identity card.

2. Card should be uniquely identifiable.

3. Every transaction involving money should be accessible only through this card.

In this way the correct flow of money can then be recorded. Since no one can then hide their transaction without notifying their identity, there is little chance for hiding their transactions and money.


1. Cards must be highly secured and must be provided at the age of 18 along with voting power.

2. Transactions like registrations, share holdings, certifications, bank account transactions, etc involving major amount should be made accessible only with the card.
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yes, I support the given sentence that the we the people are responsible for the corruption in our country. now a days every one in our country will violate the constitutional rules and when the time comes for them to pay the fine and compensations then they try to escape from the constitution and they try to buy the government official with then money and try to escape actually this is not a good thing to do we all know it but we try to break the rules of our country's constitution. the corruption is now a days seen every where we go may it might be school, hospital or even a government place because the people now a days are running behind money. money is a important thing for every one so the corruption is taken place every where every time. the corruption is to be stopped actually we all will try to stop it but again the same routine will continue. the corruption can even destroy the whole society. we all have to take a responsibility and we have to work that there should be no corruption  in our country and make our country corruption free.
Thnx but I need against the topic