You have got the news that a cousin of yours is going abroad for higher education. write him/her a letter in about 120 words to
1. say how you got the news and how you feel about the development
2. find out where he/she is going and for what course
3. wish your cousin a safe journey



Your address
dear cousin,
Hello, cousin. How r u? Everything is good going here. I am writing this letter to show my happiness to hear a great news about u.
I heard from my dad that u are going abroad for higher education. I always knew that u are very intelligent and smart. After ur exams got over we had a great time and I still remember every moment of it. Where are you going in abroad? I thought that u may be doing MIT as you always discussed about it. I wish you have a good time and you perform very good even there. But Dont forget to message me.
I will come to meet you soon and till then wish u all the best.
Yours Lovingly
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