According to me Shylock is the villian of the play "The Merchant Of Venice" by William Shakespeare because he is the one due to which Antonio was almist going to die.He had a malecious plan against Antonio and so he made Antonio sign a bond which was indirectly going to kill Antonio.
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Most definitely Shylock as he is keen on taking usury(interest) on the money he lends out.Also when bassanio comes to him for a loan he as joke adds a clause stating that a pound of flesh would be taken if the bond is not satisfied but as soon as he finds out that his daughter Jessica has ran out with a christian he blames Antonio and makes sure that he will have his revenge by taking a pound of his flesh even after being persuaded by the duke and many men of nobel status he refuses to let the bond forfiet,This shows us that he is a man not capable of showing pity and mercy like all sterotypical villian thus we consider him as a villian.


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