good morning every one I am ________ standing before you to deliver a speech on students throw there old books. I know most of us throw the old books I used to be one among them because now I came to know the value of books and their importance for every one. I used to throw old books before an incident happened to me. I would tell my experience to all of you, as usual at the end of my academic year I took all my books and I set them neatly in a proper way to throw them and then one uncle with his small child came there to collect the books. so I gave them all the old books I have, the small kid was at starring me and my old books eagerly to read all of them. I was seeing his expressions and all the work he was doing and then I understood that this boy wanted those books to read because he is not sent to the school. this was incident which made me change my mind and let me not sell or throw the old books that I have. I now know the value of the books for me or someone else also.
                                 now if any one would suggest me to throw the books then I wont throw them I would give it to the poor children.
I know many of my friends and class mates throw the old books. I would suggest them and even please them not to throw books instead give them to the poor children. thank you every one to listen to me carefully.