1. We can reuse the old notebooks... that is we can cut the unused pages of the note book using cutter or something sharp. Then stich it with thread or we can also go for binding them. We can use some thick sheet to make cover for it and we can use it as a rough note etc.
And as far as text books are considered we can donate it for other student, who cannot afford to buy books,  we can give those children, so that they may benefit from it... and in case the cover page of our book is torn or we have scribbled here and there with pencil... We can put a new cover page for the book and we can rub the pencil marks before giving the book away.
2. Implementation of donation of books can be done by collecting the old and used books and giving it to an orphanage.
Or we can distribute the books to the poor kids in our own colony
And if the implantation is for reusing then it can be done by, the method that I have explained above...